Select from our broad range of professional moisture measurement sensors and instruments, suitable for; Industrial process (measurement and control), the construction industry (concrete mixing, sand and aggregates) and soil research (profiling by depth).

MESA is an important supplier of contactless inductively coupled solutions for power transfer and communications. Specializing in demanding application environments, our products offer unique features and flexibility, for custom designs.

For more than 20-years, we have supplied unique products, application engineering, start-up technical support and service for all products.

Contact MESA Systems Co. to help select and implement the best solution for your moisture measurement requirements or power coupling applications.

Inductive Power/Data Coupling Devices

  • Non-contact air-gap coupling
  • System functions as a "virtual" slip-ring or cable
  • Available from very small to very large rings

TRIME TDR Soil Moisture Sensors

  • Preeminent 1Ghz-TDR System
  • Dynamic Performance, no radioactive material
  • Flexible probe designs for all soil applications

Featured Products

Inductive Power/Data Coupling Devices

INPUD-SLK 100 Watts of power & bus repeater
INPUD-SLK is a flexible solution that inductively transfers both power (100 W) and data (serial bus) in the near field, without contact.

Process Moisture Measurement Devices

SONO-VARIO for Bulk Materials
The SONO-VARIO for precise moisture and temperature measurements of bulk materials.
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Concrete & Construction Aggregate Moisture Monitoring

  • Measure directly in the mixer
  • Monitor flowing bulk materials
  • Portable devices

Process Moisture Measurement Devices

  • Continuous moisture measurement
  • Probes for many unique applications
  • Module for connecting multiple transmitters