Inductive Power/Data Coupling Devices

T4-30-R Rotary Temperature Coupler

The T4 System is an intelligent system for the continuous transfer of power and up to 4 Pt100 (Temperature) signals, from rotating machine, across a small air-gap, without mechanical contact.

The T4 inductive coupling system consists of a 75-mm OD x 30-mm ID x 25-mm tall ring, and a stationary coupling head. To induce power and transfer data, install the coupling head within a few mm of the ring and supply the stationary module with 24Vdc. After a few milliseconds, high signal integrity serial data is transferred across the air gap. The measured temperature values are scaled 0 to 300C or optionally to a specific range. The temperature values are output as a linear 420mA or 0...10V analog signals.

The T4 System is suitable for almost every application requiring that the temperature data is continuously transmitted, independent of the systems rotational direction, speed or orientation. As with all out inductive devices, there are no moving parts or mechanical contacts to wear out or service.


Data Sheet


Four independent channels

Signals linearized

12-bit signal resolution

LED status

Reverse polarity protection

Axial housing available


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Custom machines

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