TRIME-FM2/3 Field Portable TDR Meter

The TRIME-FM (version 2/3) are truly portable field-measuring devices for % volumetric moisture measurement in soils and other porous materials. When combined with one of the broad selection of 2/3-rod or Tube Access probes, the TRIME-FM is ideal for many demanding applications including highly saline materials.

The heart of the TRIME-FM is the patented intelligent automatic TDR-pulse generating and analyzing electronics. With the push of a button, the TRIME-FM completes a measurement in a few seconds. After each measurement the clear 4-line LCD displays all information including water content in % by volume, TDR-level (a measure for salinity) probe number and battery capacity. The FM includes a RS232/V24 interface for external power supply (7...15V/DC, 280 mA) and connection to a MS-Windows-based PC. The analog output 0...1V allows connection to external devices including data loggers.

Engineered to for maximum flexibility, a wide variety of 2 or 3 rod probes can be connected to a TRIME- FM. In each probe's connector is an integrated EPROM that stores all probe parameters, including type, cable length and calibration data.

Please note that the TRIME-FM2 version is for 2-rod probes and the FM3 version for all other TRIME probe types. The 2-rod probes do not fit with FM3 versions and vice versa. It is possible to configure the TRIME-FM to more than one probe.

The TRIME-FM is extremely light in weight and compact is size, weighing only 2 pounds (900g) and overall dimensions of 7 x 3 x 2 inches, (175 x 80 x 58 mm). The robust and waterproof (IP 65) aluminum housing is designed to withstand even the most demands day-to-day field use. Equipped with a powerful internal rechargeable battery (600 mAh), it is possible to take up to 300 measurements between changing.

For information on measuring accuracy and range, please refer to the data for specific probe types

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